On media, internet and capitalism (raw)

(I attempt to create a dynamic web application that requires deep distillation of ideas from the void and the product of simple things, the idea that you can create an engine that encourages practicality yet remain airy is a bit of a impossibility in a creator’s point of view because the idea itself is self-neutralizing, the mechanics is a bit vague in case that prototyping is not enough and the earnings don’s show any cool signs. A company has to resort to a number of tricks to be able to recognize important patterns and capitalize from it, we are all used to use tiny hammer in order to get things done, but the tools aren’t enough, talents too have limitations and luck can be very moody.)

On Media To Internet

Media Conglomerate is the arm of the capitalists, no matter what you feel about them, they make the world a better place, a better idea to live with, the more bearable truth people kind of know and the freedom and money enslavement you pay for it all for what we call the greater good.

The things you consider valuable is now involved in a “toys to play” of people. I’ve heard about the book titled Only The Paranoid Survive by Mr. Moore, I bet he’s not implying that you’ll be “kinda paranoid” but either in a leap of faith, you either become a crazed guy or you go home. You rethink how being in a business that is in flux mainly in technology is that you must be prepared to get naked every time you go out with your ideas.

I dunno, conspiracy is everything. You can think of everything you want to think about and develop an eye about things dark, lacking energy or lacking in goodwill but that’s easy. That’s an easy place to go and place to dwell upon. It’s like one step further to finding a blame in everything you do. I never fully understood how things operate in terms of high scheme of things.

What I increasingly find to be afraid is that I’ll live to watch all of this stupid ideas come to mature than new ones.

I have written tons of stupid ideas mainly from the belief of the jackpot and the Road of Galilee kind of thinking.

Thinking that you’ll be able to accomplish your goals in a way that you don’t really have to think, yes, in respect of Murphy’s Law, you’ll be able to reason out that all of things happen in luck and happen in an instance you can’t really explain.

The fluff, the stagnance, the ability to think things in terms of major fine lines someday will save you, the life, the things, the food, the brain food, the eye food, concepts you’re supposed to believe are more encouraged than challenged. Any sign of questioning is considered disrespect and an attempt to pollute stupid stuff. So far we are all encouraged to take our daily nuggets.

I felt empty about the recent years of being a “writer” in a sense that you only conform to the mistakes people made and also be involved in their compensatory successes, mainly the result of the previous mistakes , the remedy, they all consider it a fucking breakthrough even it really isn’t, it’s just the right thing to do come on.

New ones are scary, requires major changes and you have to be doubly careful about what you say and
what you think about in order to tweak things well. Remember the awkward look of any disgruntled seller when you request for something? Yeah.

Markets don’t pay people who complain or anything involved with it, the things you have to comprehend is that any diverse ideas must be encouraged.

I guess what you do reflects in all eternity. If all I do is complain and write about shit, nothing will happen. Nothing will ever leave a mark of belief that things will change the way they are if you can’t create a product people can buy. To sell is to play, to sell is to create negotiations, to enter the game of money and resources that people normally take from themselves. I guess the cycle won’t change, for the sake of regulations and the protections of the highest power, the valuation of shit and the valuation of everything depends on gold and trade.

It’s not only me that wonders why we still use money to buy stuff, the main reason is that it is really the fastest way possible to gain a favor. No explanations are necessary and no talk or every word can be uttered in this simple tool, if you ever have a knack for technology and other stuff that you have to master the language and the mechanism behind everything. The key point is that you have to be more resilient and be more resourceful on how you handle numbers that people can measure.

Management thrives on things that can be measured, things that can be expected and the things that you calculate in time, and money is one of the things that people can easily weigh upon on which they have to create value about it. The capitalist idea is to maximize the control of this tool in order to create bargains, gain control and serve people better which is not a bad idea, I guess you have to choose the lesser evil path in order to create an Order. You have to combat people’s natural tendency to be malicious because  it requires money to things they do and without it, they are useless.

For saying that, I better not believe about the concept of Good and Evil. The world is both the mix of two, to say you only have to be one or another is a kind of lie because the nature of perception our mind conjure are really more damn subjective than a Lotto combination. I would not dare to dive deep into morality and other stuff because that’s one of the concept that’s a little bit personal and intimate to tackle. The idea itself of right and wrong is kind of different. Lesser gray and gray, that’s the simple concept. It’s either you get it or you don’t.

Capitalism is everything as everything you would like to think it is. When you go forward in a room full of goods, you really can’t do something if you cannot trade a piece of you in return. The point that constantly trap all of us in an obsession that you will have to gain power by handling a few silver is cool but not really appropriate because money deviates stupid shit too. The typical Fat Character brings into mind, the door and the portal on easy judgements of obscenity. I like to keep things simple. that you can just simply categorize a concept of productive or not, performing or not, a distraction or not, an enemy or not. I guess things are great when you keep things simple and leave the complexity elsewhere.

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